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Course Categories

Below are the course categories that we offered

English Programme

AI Robotics

Traditional Chinese Medicine


Corporate Training

Learning Guild Educational Plan (LGEP)

Global Recruitment Services

Scholarly Writing Support

Why Choose Us

We Provide High Quality Lecturers

We have team of experienced multilingual counsellors who guide students through the entire process of arranging their study in any ASEAN country as well as Malaysia.


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― Testimonials

What Our Clients Say About Us

MyEdu has allowed the cross border sharing of knowledge and information. It is instrumental in affording alternatives during the pandemic the world is facing presently. Despite not being able to travel to China and meet students face-to-face, MyEdu presented an outlet for the continuance of international exchanges of knowledge. Well done, MyEdu.
Prof. Dr. Zulkarnain bin Ahmad Hatta
It is an honour working with MyEdu. MyEdu is a truly international and professional organization focused on extending knowledge and skills. I am happy working with all scholar and staff at MyEdu also very helpful. We change the world together with knowledge. Thank you very much.
Dr. Zainatul Suhaida Binti Abdul Rahman
Associate Professor
It is an honour to share my teaching experience of Early Childhood Education from Malaysia with oversea partnership and students. Would like to appreciate the opportunity given by MyEdu.
Dr. Nordin bin Mamat
Associate Professor
The services provided by MyEdu during my visiting lecture at GDUF is superb. No need to worry, once I got out from arrival hall, there’s already staff waiting to pick up and bring me to the University. The hospitality and assistance given by the university during my stay is really appreciated. The staffs are friendly and helpful. Students give cooperation during lecture and are excited for their next allocated slots. All I could say is I am thankful to MyEdu for the opportunity given to spread my wings. I would grab this kind of opportunities in future.
Nur Fatin Amirah binti Kadir Ibrahim
Part Time Lecturer
Am writing this email to sincerely thank you for MyEdu great efforts that done to the visiting academician project. I respect your professional demeanour and I really wish to keep working together with MyEdu in the near future.
Nancy Mohamed Ahmed Saad
Part Time Lecturer

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